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They’re supposed to tell me when I will be ovulating-not causing me even more confusion!


CD13- Negative

CD14- Smiley face! BUT the test line on the ejected stick is quite faint for a positive OPK…

CD15- Tested twice, 2pm and 7pm, both negative

CD16- Smiley face! Test line a little stronger than the one on CD14

CD17(today)- Smiley face! Test line a lot darker. Looks more like a positive OPK to me.

My dilemma is: when SMEP-ing, you dtd for 3 days in a row once you detect your surge.

So when is/was my surge???

If any readers can shed some light on the issue I’d be very grateful :)

For now though, I guess I need to dtd as much as possible over the next couple of days!

Has anyone else had odd results from a Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test?

Can anyone help?


D x


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